Ashamed and powerless

I didn’t want to write about Priyanka Reddy. I believe it achieves nothing. I still feel the same. I stopped reading print media in 2012 after the Delhi case because I didn’t have the mental strength to go through the same gruesome headlines day after day. Every time something as heinous happens in our country, … More Ashamed and powerless

Life of a smoker

Recently after a jolly good time, my friend made good on his promise to create matrimonial profiles for the both of us. I chuckled half amused and half nervous, knowing fully well I’ve a weird bunch of friends. Little did I know it was a serious proposition at around 2 am, my profile was well … More Life of a smoker

I don’t know

I’ve discovered a superpower. It was something that was always inside of me but I was not allowed to use. Now, finally, I use it with an inordinate amount of enthusiasm. Almost as if I were making up for the lost years when I couldn’t employ this silver bullet. As the ‘information age’ is turning … More I don’t know

Border – How the story of Brigadier Chandpuri defined the Indian army for a generation

I love Bollywood. I am not one of those pretentious idiots who claim Bollywood is beyond saving and there’s not one movie in a year that can be watched. I genuinely feel such people have a gargantuan inferiority complex! But I digress. Just yesterday I read about the passing of the great Brigadier Kuldip Singh … More Border – How the story of Brigadier Chandpuri defined the Indian army for a generation

India’s complicated relationship with ‘Safety’

I still remember my first day at one of the world’s biggest FMCG companies. It was the beginning of a two month internship and the HR and company leadership were supposed to conduct an orientation for us. Telling us about the company, its vision, its current position and immediate plan of action to achieve their … More India’s complicated relationship with ‘Safety’