We are not to blame!

I’ve been seeing a lot of people self-flagellate and blame “the public” for the devastating second wave that has gripped India. The situation is dire right now but it didn’t happen because four dudes met at a park. It didn’t happen because a bunch of women went for a walk. It wasn’t caused by uncles meeting each other after months. It was definitely not caused by kids playing cricket in their colony.

It was caused by the very basic fact of every pandemic having waves. It was caused by gross incompetence by both state and central Governments in not doing their Goddamn jobs. Lockdowns aren’t a solution. They destroy entire livelihoods but help alleviate the pressure on your medical facilities. You know, those facilities that were not ready for COVID firse dobara 2021.

IPL was fucking ready, oxygen wasn’t. Elections rallies were planned, but injections and medications weren’t. As someone staying in Maharashtra, I know first hand what criminal negligence is. Of course, political fault lines won’t let people criticize either the state or central Government.

This is the second consecutive summer I’ve been jailed in my own house because our country as a whole just hates the word “planning”. Us staying home right now is necessary. Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t seen my bike in two weeks. We must follow the rules. But I will be damned before I am blamed for it.

We weren’t born to be chained to our beds and laptops. Have some shame. You are a human being. You are meant to be free. Just get vaccinated soon so that the next time you feel like living your life in a dungeon, you can do so without the Government forcing you. There are others who believe in living life. Let them.

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