This is our war

It’s May 2020. The fifth month of a year that was meant to be special not just for me, but also for our country. ‘Superpower 2020!’ – that’s what our late President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam told us when we were kids. Today though, I write this blog while the Indian Government announces rules … More This is our war

Why MBA?

I knew in 6th grade itself that I would be doing an MBA. No kidding. My mother’s logic was, “Your dad has one degree. You must have at least two. We will see about the PhD”. Ever since I was a kid, I knew I had to prepare for the all important entrance exams. So … More Why MBA?

Ashamed and powerless

I didn’t want to write about Priyanka Reddy. I believe it achieves nothing. I still feel the same. I stopped reading print media in 2012 after the Delhi case because I didn’t have the mental strength to go through the same gruesome headlines day after day. Every time something as heinous happens in our country, … More Ashamed and powerless