Why MBA?

I knew in 6th grade itself that I would be doing an MBA. No kidding. My mother’s logic was, “Your dad has one degree. You must have at least two. We will see about the PhD”. Ever since I was a kid, I knew I had to prepare for the all important entrance exams. So … More Why MBA?

The many facets of Manchester United’s devolution

This isn’t a #GlazersOut or #WoodwardOut post. It’s a foregone conclusion that we need new owners or at least a CEO that isn’t a Liverpool fan. This is about what got us here and why we can’t seem to get out. SENTIMENTALITY Manchester United was known to be ruthless. With its own players, rivals, the … More The many facets of Manchester United’s devolution

Ashamed and powerless

I didn’t want to write about Priyanka Reddy. I believe it achieves nothing. I still feel the same. I stopped reading print media in 2012 after the Delhi case because I didn’t have the mental strength to go through the same gruesome headlines day after day. Every time something as heinous happens in our country, … More Ashamed and powerless

Life of a smoker

Recently after a jolly good time, my friend made good on his promise to create matrimonial profiles for the both of us. I chuckled half amused and half nervous, knowing fully well I’ve a weird bunch of friends. Little did I know it was a serious proposition at around 2 am, my profile was well … More Life of a smoker

The comfort zone

As a millennial I am absolutely spoilt with the choices life gives me. Food? There are three apps for hundreds of restaurants serving thousands of dishes anytime you want to feel like ordering. Entertainment? Hundreds of websites offering thousands of options on my phone, laptop, TV, PC, anytime or anywhere I want. As Wi-Fi permeates … More The comfort zone

I don’t know

I’ve discovered a superpower. It was something that was always inside of me but I was not allowed to use. Now, finally, I use it with an inordinate amount of enthusiasm. Almost as if I were making up for the lost years when I couldn’t employ this silver bullet. As the ‘information age’ is turning … More I don’t know

Gladiators only

I spent my Sunday recovering from an illness and enjoying my solitude. Being single at twenty six, Sundays are more of a pre Monday for me. It’s my duty to spend them wisely lest I torpedo my chances of a healthy start to the work week. I hadn’t watched a minute of the Cricket World … More Gladiators only