Why I don’t hate Donald Trump

“The internet is 20% cat videos and 80% editorials asking everyone to not vote for Trump.” – Anonymous

2016 is the year of the establishment. The destruction of the establishment to be precise. With Leicester City blowing all the ultra rich clubs out of the water in the Premier League to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump obliterating everyone in their path except for a dishonest immortal white bat , everyone is flipping off the Man! Hell, even in Game of Thrones, some of the most powerful patriarchs and matriarchs are being stripped, whipped and stabbed by their own.

The people hate the establishment. They know they’ve been taken for a ride and are in no mood to continue in that humiliating train which just keeps on going round and round while draining their resources. But how can the people stop the train, let alone get off it. Simple, ask an outsider for help. This is where Trump and Bernie enter. They’re perfect outsiders who claim to possess the key to the brakes of the train and with each passing day, their claims garner attention and support.

With yesterday’s big win in Indiana and the subsequent dropping out of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump is all but a few primary wins away from the being the official Republican Presidential nominee. What was a nightmare scenario six months ago, is a very real situation today. Everyone seems to hate Trump. People in England floated a petition to ban his entry in the UK, Muslims world over want him out of the race and Mexicans would like see him and his border wall gone forever. He has proposed a temporary ban on Muslims entering the US, mas s deportation of millions of illegal immigrants along with the building of a yuuuge wall on the south of its border.

Not just that, he has threatened media freedom and indulged in vile combats with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that do not befit someone running for the post of the most powerful man in the world. Many people including me think he is an embarrassment for the US as he turns this uber important election into a format he’s most comfortable with – reality TV. But then why is he not losing? Despite the overwhelming negative publicity he’s got even from his own Republican party, voters are turning out in millions to vote for him.

The answer lies in the fact that Donald Trump represents EVERYTHING that the establishment is not. He hates political correctness with the same passion as feminists hate facts, his personality seems as fresh as a vegan claims everything at Whole Foods is, he is as confident as a chain smoker who claims he won’t die of cancer and more importantly, he is as angry as his voters are.

He’s angry that the successive Republican and Democratic governments have done nothing but indulge in unnecessary wars, that the USA is in a perennial catch 22 situation in the Middle East and he’s angry that corporations sell everything in the USA make nothing here as all the low paying jobs go to Mexico, China and India. Globalisation was supposed to change lives and it did, but in the other half of the world while thickening the purses of the 1% which Donald is ironically a part of.

Here’s the thing which very few people know. Not everyone in America is rich and prosperous. Hell, they can’t afford college degrees anymore. The low paying jobs which went abroad hit the working class Americans hard and illegal immigrants working for more hours below the minimum wage decimated any chance that was left for the ‘poorly educated’ to carve out a dignified living in their own country. While the country has a monstrous military budget, its war veterans die in the streets due to neglect and lack of physical and mental treatment.

So do I agree with everything with what the Don has to say? Of course not. Do I think he lies a lot? Hell yes! So why do I not hate this supposed xenophobic demagogue whose rallies are marred with violence and threats? It’s simple. Because I am an Indian. Ban on illegal immigrants of a particular race? Hah! I’m a Maharashtrian. Our politics for the past 50 years has revolved around which state/ region to target for sending its vermin to our great cities. Never mind the fact that if they do leave the city would stop functioning.

Accusing Muslims of terrorism at the slightest instance or doubt? Lol. We do that every 3 months on national TV and everyday on social media. Treating adversaries with no respect and constantly threatening them? Rofl. Have you been following the Bengal elections? Threats and actual violence are traded across party workers like sweets during Diwali. Student elections in Punjab like Dothraki weddings are considered dull without a few murders. Election promises that are bound to never materialise? Every Indian election ever.

Pathetic attempts of the super left leaning media to halt the Trump train hasn’t done much other than refuelling this marauding monster. The more they attack Trump, the more people from different backgrounds turn up to vote for this enigmatic man. If nothing, this election has revealed the true face of the media houses and personalities that claim to show the truth but do nothing other than strengthening one side’s agenda. The stand out failure has been that of John Oliver and the irritating Trevor Noah whose shameless hit jobs at Trump showed ZERO impact on the electorate. Social media once again failed to represent the ground reality as people started realising that calling the other side a bunch of bigots doesn’t work out well every time.

Lastly, the main reason I don’t mind Trump leading the USA is because of other world leaders. Have you seen Kim Jong Un’s hair? Putin’s ethics record? David Cameron’s deviant porky fantasies? Hollande’s affairs? Hillary’s hypocrisy? Bernie’s questionable reforms? These are all causes of concern. But the world still spins, Kohli still chases, Novak Djokovic still wins, Rahul Gandhi still makes an ass out of himself, Patanjali still destroys Colgate and Vardy still reminds people “Chat shit get banged”! And most importantly, it’s not like our Prime Minister has ever been accused/part of anything dastardly and inhuman. :‑P

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